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March – 2022. – Peace and Hope

We sang the song of László Tolcsvay – János Bródy: Békét és ésfersésget with the participation of the lower grade students, choirs and teachers of the Lajos Bárdos Primary School in Dunakeszi. During the recording, László Tolcsvay also visited the school. A video was made of the singing, which reached more than 24,000 views in a month, and several schools joined in the joint singing.

We experience that the news reaches children willy-nilly, they see their parents’ anxiety, and this causes a similar fear in them. Not all children ask, not all talk about it. But from the conversations between them, from the fragments of words overheard in the corridor, you can hear and feel that the anxiety is there.
In connection with László Tolcsvay and János Bródy’s song: Peace and Hope, we were able to talk to them about their concerns in the children’s language.
We encouraged other schools to join us in singing the song!

László Tolcsvay – János Bródy: Peace and hope
Performed by the lower class of Lajos Bárdos Elementary School in Dunakeszi

The teachers of the school contributed to the creation of the recording
Music director: Eszter Kardos
Mastermind and organizer: Ágnes Tolmácsi

The original musical background was provided by László Tolcsvay

Sound mixing: Backlight Studio – Csaba Hegyessy
Video recording: Telekeszi Television
Post-production: No1 Studio

Special thanks to the Kultúrbarlang for their cooperation
Dunakeszi, 2022